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“TCF was a safe place to explore and ‘come as you are’ in the face of some tough issues and concerns.” – College Student


“I was pleased with how open everyone was, and how everybody seemed to really think out what they were going to say before they said it. I guess my primary takeaway was hope– there are a lot of people who aren’t willing to discuss the issues we addressed, so it gave me hope to see that the people in that room were willing to.” – College Student


“No matter what topic you are discussing, always remember that you are discussing it with your brother or sister in Christ.”  – College Student


“[This] group forum with other Christians had a structure very different than a typical group forum.  Before discussing any issues, and after discussing the issues, the group worshiped, sang, and prayed together.  I believe this helped center us on Christ and the common bonds we have as brothers and sisters in Christ.  I do think this helped in guiding how the discussion went.  Not that it forced everyone to believe the same thing, but that participants saw each other as members of the same body, Christ’s body, and could listen to each other with respect and appreciation of what each member offered.  I do pray that this format helps bring Christians together in open dialogue about sensitive topics.”    – High School Teacher


“[My biggest take-away was] the essential commonality in the need for ‘convicted humility’ by both theologians and science, a hermeneutic of humility and willingness to acknowledge both the certainties and the mysteries in the different fields of knowledge.”     – High School Teacher


“[I found that] reflecting on the mystery and miracle of the virgin birth made me more open to emphasis on the mystery and miracle in God’s creating.”   – High School Teacher


“Well. I like meditative liturgical worship [as it] is a restful solace from a busy week. I would need a much longer time of worship to find solace in the midst of questions this big. But I do agree worship is a better place to start than running to the library.” – High School Teacher


“What I enjoy is the cultivation of the conversations under the conversations – places where fears and trust are in play, places where confession and forgiveness are necessary.”  – High School Teacher


“The thing that is most memorable now is an essence or ethos.  Perhaps a feeling that flowed out of combined worship and discussion in a safe environment.”  – High School Teacher


“[Memorable to me were] the essential goodness, honesty, and integrity of the teachers and administrators in these schools.  I was very impressed by them.”  – High School Teacher


“[I] am truly excited about the potential of the Colossian Forum to significantly impact evangelicalism in a manner that will eventually, to some extent be self—propagating…In this century of bio-technology we cannot have evangelicals feeling their way in an almost blinded fashion, as they express views which cry out for a significant understanding of the sciences, especially biology.  They need to be serving as a collective conscience of our society as it moves into an era which has huge ramifications for human dignity and they can’t do that unless they go into the sciences and remain Christians as they do so.  Similarly those who have the scientific knowledge must not be deterred from the salvation message by roadblocks we place in their way. “  – Scholarly Advisor


“It was very refreshing to see a group of believers love each other while discussing sensitive issues. There is no doubt that the periods of worship were a major part of that.”  – Church Attendee