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Putting On Christ Through Prayer

At the Colossian Forum, we believe that reconciliation is simply a fruit—always and only the result of living virtues and steady practices that are the soil and sun, roots and rain that produce the fruit of real reconciliation.

One of the primary ways to clothe ourselves with Christ and his life-giving virtues is through worship—exactly what Paul describes in his letter to the Colossians: letting the Word dwell in us richly, immersing ourselves in prayers, singing hymns and psalms and spiritual songs (Col. 3:15-17).

The historic prayers of the church incorporate all these elements. Our list of prayer sites represents a wide range of traditions whose historic and contemporary prayers continue to form and transform Christ’s disciples. Explore these sites for help in progressing prayerfully through your day.

1. Universalis

2. The Divine Office

3. Common Prayer

4. The Divine Hours

5. BCP Daily Office

6. Operation World

A final note: The Colossian Forum is devoted to prayer for the renewal of the church, especially for the sake of its witness to our culture.  That’s why our staff and partners make a steady practice of praying through the lectionary repeatedly, using many different formats and versions.