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November 8, 2016 | Michael Gulker

God is in Charge. Kings and Governments are Not.

Dear Friends,

Tensions are high this Election Day. It seems like most of our country is gripped by anxiety and fear as this election cycle reaches its climax. We are more divided than ever. How should a Christian act in the midst of such upheaval?

While listening to a recent sermon, I was reminded that the prophet Daniel served under eight kings while he and the Jews were held captive in Babylon. During those 70-plus years, he served some relatively good kings as well as some really bad kings.

The one constant in Daniel’s life throughout this period of captivity was this: He prayed. He prayed three times a day. Every day, he prayed. When people plotted, he prayed. When he was thrown into the lion’s den, he prayed. When his friends were locked in a fiery furnace, he prayed.  Praying gave him unusual insight into the nature of things. Praying gave him an “excellent spirit” that drew people to him throughout the rise and fall of kings and empires.

Prayer reminded Daniel that God is in charge. Kings and governments are not.

Whatever the results of this election, we are invited to pray—for our new and returning leaders, for our common life together, and for ourselves.

Let’s follow Daniel’s lead by growing a regular practice of prayer. In this season, it may look like taking short pauses to talk with the Lord when you feel anxious or worried about the election (or your long to-do list, or a sudden financial crisis, or a difficult health situation). When our first response is prayer, it re-orients us toward God. In the presence of the Lord, our souls quiet and the busyness, worry, and anxiety subside.

Join us here at The Colossian Forum as we make prayer our practice in anxious times and divisive situations.

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