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The Colossian Forum offers free resources to help you transform polarizing cultural conflicts into opportunities for spiritual growth and witness.

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Colossian Way Endorsements

We’re grateful and humble for the support of so many respected partners. Here’s a snippet of how God is at work through The Colossian Way and The Colossian Forum.

A humble offering of hope

"The Colossian Forum's model of engagement is rigorous. I am hopeful and excited but also daunted with a sense of deepened responsibility . . . I feel a deeper sense of responsibility to cultivate kindness and generosity in my spirit, and to step into messy, painful situations with a humble offering of hope via my participation and investment."
--Jenell Paris, Messiah College, Pennsylvania

Robust framework, deep discipleship

"For me, what sets The Colossian Way apart is its robust theological framework, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the triune God’s work of reconciliation in the world. Engaging difficult topics becomes a practice of Christian discipleship. More than resolving difficult issues, it offers a pathway for growing in Christ-like virtue."
--Brian Keepers, Trinity Reformed Church, Iowa

Culture change in the church

"The Colossian Way is really about culture change within the church. The genius of the TCW structure is that every week we give substantial, thoughtful attention to both the unity of the church and the hard issues around a specific divisive topic. And we do so within the context of worship, prayer, and Scripture. This process and framework generate a deeper level of culture change."
--Joe Liechty, Goshen College, Indiana

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