“Getting our staff in the room together and being in conversation with each other has helped massively. They’re now a team and they’re working together.”

Joe M.

“All of this feels incredibly timely and incredibly important. After training, it has been evident that it is more important now than ever to be using the skills that we learned in WayFinder.”

Kristyn K.

“WayFinder, especially with so much of the conflict we were dealing with, it was like ‘this is exactly what we’re looking for, this is exactly what we need.’”

Arek O.

“What excites me most about implementing WayFinder in my church is that it provides a resource and a path to really retransform and reform how we do conflict.”

Dan D.

“WayFinder prepared me to Go Deeper in my church. It taught me to care more about the relationships than winning arguments.”

Mike P.

“WayFinder training transformed the way that I understood unity. Being united means that we don’t all need to be on the same side of perspective, but it’s a united approach into the issue that we’re facing together as a team or organization.”

Brianna W.