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The Colossian Forum offers free resources to help you transform polarizing cultural conflicts into opportunities for spiritual growth and witness.

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The mission of The Colossian Blog is to foster friendly and virtuous conversations. We want to unite Christians in the common hope and truth that all things hold together in Christ. In that spirit, our blog has conversational parameters designed to encourage charitable dialogue.

  • We invite questions and comments of all kinds but discourage all personal attacks.
  • We invite disagreements and different opinions to seek ways that build up the church. We believe this can and must happen without degrading remarks about the character, personality, or background of any conversation partner.
  • We are all free to disagree with and investigate content. This should happen with discernment and the desire for unity in Christ. Our goal is to foster wisdom, charity, patience, compassion, and reconciliation in pursuit of truth.
  • We love your passion, but that passion cannot use profanity or other coarse language.
  • Comments cannot have images or advertisements.
  • We will seek to weigh each comment with due diligence and fairness. Any disregard for the etiquette mentioned above may result in the removal of a comment.
Our desire is that everyone benefits from the original concerns and insights of these comments. In that spirit, we invite all our commenters into further investigation into the intentions and purposes of our guidelines and the vision that all thing do truly hold together in Christ. Thank you.

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