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The Colossian Forum offers free resources to help you transform polarizing cultural conflicts into opportunities for spiritual growth and witness.

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As our name suggests, forums are central to what we do. Over the past five years, we’ve seen the Holy Spirit act in amazing ways.

In our forums, we bring together Christian leaders with different theological perspectives. We¬†invite¬†them to situate those differences within the context of Christian worship. And over the years, we‚Äôve seen the Holy Spirit act in amazing ways. We've seen¬†believers who were enemies began to show deep patience and forbearance with one another in the midst of their differences.¬†(Ephesians 4:1-2) Every forum starts with praise and worship. It¬†continues with sharing stories about faith and how we‚Äôve come to think the way we do. We explore issues that surround the conflict, clearing up misinformation we might have about each other. As we close our time together, we bring things back to God. That can take the form of praise and gratitude for what happened, lament for things that went wrong,¬†confessing our sins, or sharing hope for the future.¬†Whatever the case, God is glorified. Countless times,¬†participants placed their differences at the foot of the cross to see what the Spirit would do with them. Through Colossian Forums, we engage believers of different ages and ideologies¬†on a variety of divisive topics. We¬†work¬†with high school and college students, faculty, administrators, college trustees and presidents, pastors, elders and youth, and public intellectuals. While there have been plenty of bumps and bruises along the way, we¬†continually encounter delightful surprises. We see friendship where there was animosity. Delight where there was anger. Light where there was¬†heat. New avenues for exploration and investigation where there was¬†deadlock. Colossian Forums are an important first step toward transforming Christians into the kinds of people who can engage tough cultural topics well. You can see a list of upcoming forums on our events page. Of course, we‚Äôve not overcome conflict in the church‚ÄĒthere is still plenty of opportunity to receive conflict as a gift!¬†Yet through Colossian Forums, we¬†encounter¬†the power of the Gospel right at the heart of conflict. We also experience the truth that God has given us everything we need to be faithful.