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Core Academy of Science
July 2, 2013 | Lori Wilson
Core Academy of Science
“I just kept hearing from people in church that ‘All scientists are atheists. You shouldn't go into science.’ But I loved science. I loved learning about nature. Science is a wonderful way to understand creation. I think it's a shame that Christians shy away from it.” Dr. Roger Sanders tells this story about his childhood, explaining his motivation for working with TCF friend Dr. Todd Wood to establish the Core Academy of Science. This newly-founded non-profit will provide science-related curriculum and coursework that encourages students to engage the field (controversies and all) with “calmness and confidence in your faith.” Ultimately, Drs. Sanders and Wood hope to encourage Christian young people to pursue careers in science, while maintaining a robust commitment to their Christian faith. You can read more about the Core Academy of Science and its founders here as well as on the Core website.

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