Workshop Presenters

Dr. Rob Barrett

Chief Programming & Innovation Officer
The Colossian Forum

Rob has PhDs both in Applied Physics from Stanford University and Theology from Durham University in England. He worked as a research scientist at IBM for over ten years, as a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew in England, and as a postdoctoral researcher of Old Testament in Göttingen, Germany. Rob has worked for over five years at The Colossian Forum to develop, practice, and teach Christian ways of building up the church by engaging the conflicts that divide us. This work has focused on issues of human origins, adopting new technologies, sexuality, and politics.

Rev. Chris DeVos

Vice President of Partnerships and Care
The Colossian Forum

Chris has strong threads of reconciliation and unity woven into his life and wholeheartedly believes that it’s possible to collaborate across differences. He graduated from Calvin College and Calvin Seminary and completed a Doctor of Ministry degree at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois. Chris worked as a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church at the University of Colorado, Boulder; in Dunwoody, Georgia; Kingston, Ontario, and Holland, Michigan. Most recently Chris led the Ridder Church Renewal initiative at Western Theological Seminary.


Dr. Joe Liechty

Professor of Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies
Goshen College, Goshen, IN

Joe Liechty is a professor of Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies at Goshen College and belongs to Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship. He earned his Ph.D. in Irish History from National University of Ireland. Joe has had several years of involvement with The Colossian Forum and finds their mission to be remarkable, creative, and effective. He has co-led Colossian Way groups three times for his congregation and is involved with TCF in other capacities, as well. His fascination with and love for TCF is tied to deep connections he sees with the reconciliation work he was involved within Northern Ireland for twenty-four years.

Dr. Jenell Paris

Professor of Anthropology
Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA

Jenell Paris received her Ph.D. in anthropology from American University, Washington, DC and is Professor of Anthropology at Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA. Her recent books include The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define Who We Are(IVP, 2011); The Good News About Conflict: Transforming Religious Struggle Over Homosexuality (Cascade, 2016); Teach From the Heart: Pedagogy as Spiritual Practice (Cascade, 2016). She serves as a senior fellow with The Colossian Forum.

Trisha Taylor, MA LPC

Counselor, Author, Consultant, Houston, TX

Trisha Taylor is an ordained minister, counselor, author, and consultant. In more than 25 years of ministry, she has co-founded Faithwalking, Missional Marriage, and Ridder Church Renewal. Trisha has also co-authored two books, Learning Change and The Leader’s Journey. She works with pastors and congregational leaders through the organization The Leader’s Journey: Coaching for Wholehearted Leadership at


Dr. Stacey Wieland

Associate Professor of Communication
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Stacey Wieland earned her PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder. A specialist in organizational communication, her qualitative research focuses on identity, culture, and discourse. She has published in journals such as Communication Monographs, Management Communication Quarterly, Communication Theory, and The Journal of Applied Communication Research.