Conflict can derail an organization’s mission, but what if it could lead to


Instead of seeking uniformity within your team’s opinions, transform your minds and hearts into conformity with Christ.

Do you ever feel like you’re spending more time “keeping the peace” than serving your community? It can feel impossible to hold tensions among an organization’s staff, board, grantors, donors, and governing body while faithfully serving and advocating for the beneficiaries of your non-profit.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, division can be an incredible gift to your organization’s health. Through the Holy Spirit, we believe that conflict can become the arena within which we grow in Christ-likeness. This is the very place where we can live out our deeply held commitments to love God and one another better.

Navigate difference of opinion with compassion

Begin to more fully recognize each team member, board member, and donor as made in the image of God, regardless of their personal views or convictions. WayFinder calls your team to a life-affirming vision of Christian unity presented throughout Scripture to ensure your staff can feel seen, heard, and loved as they care well for those who are served by your organization.

Practice the self-emptying ways of Christ

We are called to pursue virtues that reflect the self-giving love of God, such as humility, gentleness, and patience. These virtues are especially vital for our ministry and outreach work in serving others well. WayFinder provides formative applications to practice these virtues in ways that propel us into deeper relationship with God and others.

Fulfill your mission statement

Mismanaged conflict can lead to relational, economic, and missional damages, such as distrust, gossip, departures, and burnout. Ultimately, these costs disrupt your ability to effectively serve your community. WayFinder prepares your organization and leaders to transform moments of division into opportunities that no longer disrupt your mission but actually increase your ability to be missionally attentive and faithful to your Gospel work.


Spend more time fulfilling your mission and less time putting out fires.

Intra-Organizational Support

Steward your mission by renewing your team’s trust and support for one other.

Formation in Conflict Engagement

Pursue virtues that move your staff toward deeper spiritual growth.

Retention of Grantors and Donors

Demonstrate your missional flourishing to your funding partners.


Tell Us Your Organizational Story

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Gather your leadership team to virtually share your organization’s pain points and hope for a better way forward through conflict. We want to hear how your organizational and personal experiences with division have affected your ministry.


Find Out How WayFinder Can Be Applied to Your Context

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Your hopeful next chapter begins here. After we’ve heard your conflict history, we’ll provide you with a recommendation for how your community can best engage with the vision and practices of WayFinder. From two-hour to two-day engagements, our team will offer the best way forward based on your organization’s needs.