In a time marked by division, where do we find


Amidst the backdrop of unprecedented polarization, Christ calls us to be ambassadors of Reconciliation.

In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, one in six Americans stopped talking to a family member or close friend due to disagreements in their ideological views. From the Thanksgiving dinner table to social media feeds, we’ve lost the ability to navigate difficult conversations that reflect our commitments to loving our neighbor.

Yet, 93% of Americans say they are tired of how divided we have become as a country, but they don’t know how to overcome the deep chasms of polarization. The Colossian Forum provides resources to Christians seeking new ways to engage their difference through the hope of Christ’s reconciliation. Ultimately, we call one another back to our true north star — deeper love of God and neighbor.

Encounter the self-giving love of God in relationship with others

Engaging division cannot be done alone. The Colossian Forum invites Christians into deeper relationship in community with others, reaffirming the image of God in our neighbors and aligning ourselves more closely with the desires of Christ.

Participate in a ministry of reconciliation personally and organizationally

The Colossian Forum seeks to increase the spiritual health of individuals and organizations. We do this by leaning into, not away from, conflict and transforming these moments of disagreement into beautiful opportunities for the Holy Spirit to lead us into discipleship and witness.

Form Christian virtue through meaningful practices

In Ephesians 4:2 and Galatians 5:22–23, we find examples of committed behaviors that are evident when we pursue the love of God, including hope, humility, generosity, courage, and forbearance. The Colossian Forum equips Christians to build up these virtues while engaging those with whom they disagree.

Confidence in Engaging Disagreement

View disagreements not as a destructive force, but a hope-filled opportunity to grow in relationship with others.

Deeper Connection with Family and Friends

Repair relationships with the loved ones with whom you disagree and find deeper connection than ever

Increased Christian Witness

Be an example for a watching world on how Christ’s love shapes our relationships with others.

Formation Through Division

Your humility and patience will grow as you practice actively loving others through disagreement.


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