Even when our churches become battle grounds for divisive topics, Christ still holds all things


What if our disagreements are the very place where Christ calls us to the deepest Discipleship?

In the pews and from the pulpit, churches across North America are facing increased pressures of division. From leadership changes to the sanctuary carpet color, every church decision can lead to the fear that congregants or their leaders will walk away from the church, or possibly the faith. Even when things seem to be going well, the unexpected or uncertain can limit a pastor’s ability to shepherd their community.

This time of increased polarization and disagreement does not have to tear our churches apart. Perhaps today’s conflicts are an invitation from God. Perhaps they are opportunities to increase our spiritual witness and live out the core vision and practices of the Gospel.

Cultivate a culture that holds Truth and Love together

Throughout Scripture, God is referred to as being both Truth (John 14:6) and Love (1 John 4:8). Too commonly, we see a false separation of these two, yet we know that neither love nor truth could exist without the other. WayFinder helps church leaders cast a vision and provides formative practices that foster a deeper love for God and neighbor while holding true to the commitments of Scripture.

Discover deep discipleship in the most unlikely place: conflict

Conflict is often seen as a destructive force that will tear a congregation apart. Many leaders will avoid or try to suppress this conflict when, in fact, it can provide profound opportunities to engage others as Christ would. Instead of viewing each other as opponents or enemies, WayFinder prompts leaders to recognize everyone as made in the image of God and prepares them to model this shared unity to the entire congregation.

Realign your desires with Christ’s

WayFinder helps you to align your personal desires with the self-giving love of Jesus, rather than just ending or solving a disagreement. When we draw close to the light and life of God, we move from trying to preserve our self-interest toward richer, more meaningful relationships with others, rooted in Christ’s love. Even in the most divisive situations, WayFinder can equip your church to hold true to this shared unity and create faithful steps forward that honor God and one other.

Increased Fruit of the Spirit

Witness an abundance of humility, gentleness, and forbearance in your community.

Renewed Focus on Your Mission

Spend less time fearing for the future and more time being missionally-attentive and Gospel-focused.

Deeper Relationships In Your Congregation

Congregants and leaders genuinely love and understand one another in light of their differences.

Decreased Costs of Mismanaged Conflict

Experience fewer destructive symptoms of division including burnout, departures, and factions.


Tell Us Your Organizational Story

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Gather your leadership team to virtually share your organization’s pain points and hopes for a better way forward through conflict. We want to hear how your organizational and personal experiences with division have affected your ministry.


Find Out How WayFinder Can Be Applied to Your Context

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Your hopeful next chapter begins here. After we’ve heard your conflict history, we’ll provide you with a recommendation for how your community can best engage with the vision and practices of WayFinder. From two-hour to two-day engagements, our team will offer the best way forward based on your organization’s needs.