As the work of The Colossian Forum is increasingly in demand in churches, colleges, and high schools, we want to share the constellation of ideas that makes our work possible. These aren’t only academic resources. They are multiple points of entry into the hopeful possibilities we’ve discovered at the heart of conflict solely made possible by the power of the Gospel. Interested in our theological undergirding? The Colossian Forum’s secret sauce? What does this look like in practice? We hope these resources help flesh out these ideas from a variety of perspectives.

The Fool and the Heretic: How Two Scientists Moved Beyond Labels to a Christian Dialogue about Creation and Evolution

By Todd Charles Wood and Darrel R. Falk with prologue, epilogue, and interludes by Rob Barrett (Zondervan)
Publication date: February 2019.

The Fool and the Heretic is a deeply personal story told by two respected scientists who hold opposing views on the topic of origins, share a common faith in Jesus Christ, and began a sometimes-painful journey to explore how they can remain in Christian fellowship when each thinks the other is harming the church.  The Fool and the Heretic is available from Zondervan.

Surprised by Jesus Again: Reading the Bible in Communion with the Saints

By Jason Byassee (Eerdmans Publishing) Foreword by Michael Gulker
Publication date: June 2019.

No one expects to be surprised, yet biblical interpretation can do exactly that. Christians expect to see Jesus as they read the Bible, but when and how Jesus actually speaks through Scripture can still surprise us! Drawing on the early church's theological giants -- Origen, Augustine, Gregory the Great, and more from the historical cloud of witnesses -- author Jason Byassee models how we can recover ancient Christians' multiple ways of reading the Bible to our benefit.  As Byassee says, God himself is Jewish, Catholic, and Pentecostal -- so much larger than our own little corner on the truth -- and this book offers readers a refreshingly enhanced vision of the Bible and of Jesus himself. Surprised by Jesus Again is available from Eerdmans online.

All Things Hold Together in Christ: A Conversation on Faith, Science, and Virtue

Edited by James K.A. Smith and Michael Gulker (Baker Academic)
Publication date: January 2018.

Conceived by Michael Gulker and TCF fellow Jamie Smith, this anthology includes foundational readings in theology, philosophy, and science that make our work possible. Each essay comes from a scholar who exemplifies theology as a practice rooted in the worship of the church, shedding light on how The Colossian Forum has managed to turn conflict into opportunity. All Things Hold Together in Christ is available at Baker Book House.

Evolution and the Fall

Edited by William Cavanagh and James K.A. Smith (Eerdmans Publishing)
Publication date: February 2017.

If evolution is true, then what happens to biblical and traditional accounts of the Fall? This collection of essays emerged from three years of prayer, worship, and conversation between some of the world’s top Christian scholars from a variety of disciplines. They addressed the question not merely from an academic perspective, but as believers with deep concern for the health of the church. Evolution and the Fall is available from Eerdmans online.

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