Resources to Engage Conflict Faithfully

THE COLOSSIAN FORUM offers Facilitator Training and other small group resources to help your church navigate conflict faithfully.
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The Colossian Way curricula help your small groups dive into the most relevant, divisive topics Christians encounter. Whether you’re exploring Evolution and Young-Earth Creationism, engaging questions about sexual orientation and the Church, or wanting to overcome political polarization, ten biblically based, expert-created sessions will help you foster discipleship and witness amid disagreement.


We know how damaging mismanaged conflict can be. We’ve equipped thousands of Christian leaders like you to lead their congregations through conflict with confidence. With Facilitator Training, work with our experts online or in-person to learn how to guide you through every step of starting and running your Colossian Way small group, from recruiting participants to managing group dynamics.


Our books offer multiple points of entry into the hopeful possibilities of the Gospel, right at the heart of conflict. Interested in our theological under girding? The Colossian Forum’s secret sauce? Does The Colossian Way really work? Read to find out!


Want to connect with fellow Christians striving to live faithfully, even when we disagree? Want to learn how to guide your Christian community to navigate conflict faithfully with Colossian Way small groups? Please, join us! 

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